A pioneering event with a wealth of experience

KARL MAYER was delighted to participate in WTiN’s Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show

Due to coronavirus-related restrictions, there were also no in-person exhibitions for the textile industry this year. In order to give the industry an opportunity to launch innovations and exchange ideas, the information network WTiN organised the Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show from 15 to 30 October 2020. Over 160 exhibitors from 26 countries took part in this pioneering event. Using videos, brochures and chats as a means to communicate, they provided information on new machines and software in the Technology Hall, and on fibres, yarns, fabrics and clothing in the Materials Hall.


KARL MAYER presented highlights of its innovations for 2020

KARL MAYER was among the exhibitors in the virtual Technology Hall. The world market leader in textile machine engineering took part in an online exhibition for the first time and appeared with its new group member STOLL for the first time, too. The international corporate group thus presented future-oriented solutions for both warp knitting and flat knitting, as well as innovative developments in the fields of technical textiles, warp preparation and digitalization.

One of the highlights on KARL MAYER’s virtual stand was the new high-performance HKS 3-M ON tricot machine, which is 15% faster than its predecessor and offers previously unattained production flexibility. Many visitors also watched the video on how the WEFTTRONIC® II G works. The efficient weft-insertion machine is currently enjoying sales success in the geotextiles and plaster grid markets. In the flat knitting sector, the new Connective Pattern Software (CPS) from STOLL was right at the top of the “click list”. By integrating intelligent features, CPS makes patterning faster, easier and more efficient. With an innovation from KM.ON’s k.innovation product category, trendy warp knitting patterns can also be developed in the warp knitting factory in the shortest possible time, regardless of location, time and the number of creatives involved.

The presentation of a process for environmentally friendly and economical indigo dyeing gave manufacturers in the denim industry their money’s worth.

The exhibition offer with its consistent market focus was well received by visitors. KARL MAYER recorded over 3,700 visits and 19,000 activities, such as brochure downloads and video views. The greatest interest came from Germany, followed by China, India and Turkey.

Christine Wolters, Head of Corporate Communications at KARL MAYER, draws a balanced conclusion: “As a pioneering digital event for the entire industry, difficulties were unavoidable during the online exhibition, particularly when it came to accessing information worldwide. We were able to gain important experience during the event. All content relating to the innovations presented at our virtual exhibition stand – such as the new HKS 3-M ON or KM.ON’s digital solutions – is now available to our customers and other interested parties on a website specially designed for this purpose. We look forward to welcoming our visitors.”

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