KARL MAYER China In-house Show 2017

23-25 November 2017, Changzhou (daily 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

REGISTRATION Participation:

Only pre-registered and confirmed persons have access to the In-house Show. It is appreciated that you register before 17 Nov.

<strong>Attention:</strong> Each visitor must fill in a separate form.

Visiting day

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Lecture During our In-house Show we offer a number of lectures (duration approx 30min). Please see web page for details.

Participation is limited to ensure quality and will be confirmed, please register early. Please check one (or multiple boxes) to register.

Company Tour

<strong>„The KARL MAYER quality way!”</strong> – You can also join one of our guided tours through the company. Please choose one day.

Hotel reservation

We will assist you with a hotel reservation in your name, if required. (Hotel Shangri-la)

Please note that if the 2nd person would like to attend our In-house Show as well, a separate registration form has to be filled out. An additional reservation for a hotel room is not needed.

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