Search spectrum

We are particularly interested in family businesses that share our values and corporate culture. We have therefore divided our search spectrum into four clusters.

  • Industry

    - Machinery and equipment engineering firms, ideally with a good share of wear and tear and service / service business,
    - Industrial consumer goods with low cyclicality
    - Automation & Robotics
    - Electronics industry (to complement STOLL Electronic; www.stollelectronic.de)

  • Future

    Business models and technologies that focus on the megatrends such as neo-ecology, silver society, connectivity, new work and knowledge culture. Investments in B2C business models also possible.


    Technologies, processes and business models that complement our existing business units. We are particularly interested in business models based on the end-of-use of textiles (ReWear, ReUse and ReCycle).

  • Start-up

    -Investments in venture capital funds
    -Companies that are already beyond the start-up phase

    Already past the establishment stage. Require further resources besides capital for the envisaged growth.


Overview of selected criteria for INDUSTRY, FUTURE and TEXTILE

  • Turnover: 50-200 million EUR (EMS Carve Outs from 10-15 million EUR)
  • Stable EBITDA 5-10 million EUR 
  • Preferably family-owned 
  • Own, strong brand with an accordingly good position in the respective segment 
  • Significant market share with growth potential (increase market share, development of new markets, regional expansion, product range optimisation) 
  • Acquisition of majority shareholding (immediately or assured in a reasonable period of time) 
  • The current management team is a good combination, matches its future colleagues at KARL MAYER well in terms of the corporate culture and is capable of managing further organic growth 


  • Please contact us personally.

Significant exclusion criteria

  • Restructuring cases in structural crisis
  • Automotive
  • Wholesale and Retail 
  • Building and civil engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals („Legal Drugs“)
  • Highly regulated and/or politically driven or highly subsidised industries/sectors
  • Pure financial investments