New features

  • KAMCOS 2®
  • integrated lighting 
  • direct drive main motor 
  • improved warp beam support
  • integrated camera option
  • flexible patterning possibilities 
  • adjustable tension spring system

Machine Highlights

In addition to our renowned ON-technology, the HKS 4-M also offers the following advantages:

  • KAMCOS® 2

    Operator interface to configure, control and adjust the electronic functionality of the machine. Enlarged patterning possibilities by means of Multi Speed

  • Care Solutions 

    We offer customized packages, that combine spare parts & supplies, service & support and warp knitting knowledge.
    >> explore more about care solutions



  • Direct drive system

    For improved maintenance costs and less energy consumption.
  • Improved warp beam support

    Easy and safe access to warp beam clamping positions through moveable ladders with multiple connecting positions on the front side of the machine and additional platform on the right side of the machine. 


Machine specification HKS 4-M
Working width 130'' + 6'' 180'' + 6'' 210'' + 8''
Gauge E 28, E 32 E 28, E 32 E 28, E 32
Warp beam support 4x32'' (Standard)