RJ 5/1

A commodity product line for producing stylish lingerie items

KARL MAYER´s new RJ 5/1 offers improved price-performance ratio and broad production repertoire.

It bridges the gap between the established models with piezo jacquard technology, gives efficient way of producing raschel fabrics with lace-like decorative effects for lingerie. With its exceptional cost:benefit ratio, the RJ 5/1 is more productive than comparable products. Moreover, the machine has a highly stable and very precise machine running. The textiles produced on this machine impress by their outstanding quality. Featuring trendy designs and the ability of Engineered Fabrics that minimizes making-up, the RJ 5/1 are tailored to the needs of the market where there is a high demand for lingerie items made from raschel-knitted fabrics with lace-like decorative bands - marketed under the term "Seamless".

Machine Characteristics

  130 "

  E28 - E32   21" x 30"

Your benefits of RJ 5/1 at a glance

Increase output ratio of your investment
Higher productivity than other comparable technologies, with similar fabric apperance
Less process steps
Incorporating complex patterns and zones require less pieces to make an article, leading to less cut and sew, reducing production cost.
  Design Freedom
The RJ 5/1 can produce different kind of fabrics, to adapt to varying market situations.
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Specification RSJ 5/1 N 130" E32 RJ 5/1 N 130" E32 Standard RJ 5/1 N 130" E32 Option
Yarn tensile force sensor

Laserstop yarn inspection -
Yarn let-off device Multi speed Single speed Multi speed
Batching device Batching device Nr. 34 F Batching device Nr. 52 F Batching device Nr. 34 F
Add. edge unroll. device -
PPD   -
Operator Interface 12 9 12
Lighting LED -
Working plattform H 1 H
Spare parts package -

● = integrated
○ = optional