Our intuitive user-interface 


A user-centric operating concept

The KARL MAYER COmmand System was introduced in 2003, to structure the control concepts of all machines in the KARL MAYER Group. Since then, KARL MAYER has introduced KAMCOS® 2 – a modern and intuitive machine user-interface. For an easy and familiar handling, the automation platform offers a modern machine interface, with operating functions that are known worldwide from the use of smartphones or tablets.


Always Online & ON

KAMCOS 2 Connect paves the way into the digital age and gives you access to all the cloud based digital solutions. The exchange of sensitive pattern data via USB is no longer necessary. KAMCOS 2 Connect allows networking of all machines and secure storage and management of patterns through the cloud-based Pattern Data System (PDS). The optimization for remote service minimizes downtime and enables continuous value creation and after-sales benefits.



General benefits of KAMCOS® 2 connect:


  • Innovative design for intuitive and user-friendly handling and operations

  • Efficient monitoring of operating errors through integrated monitoring functions and access control via data chip 

  • Added value through cloud features 

  • Established solution for system integration. E.g. integration for thread monitoring 

  • Increased transparency through a clear overview of all application parameters according to the desired function

  • Secure and simplified pattern data management enabled 

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