Integrated Camera System

Find the right set-up for your production 

Camera ICS

For effective fabric monitoring

Integrated Camera System 

The Integrated Camera System (ICS) monitors a wide range of plain, white fabrics inline. It detects defects in the fabric automatically and stops the machine in case of a fabric defect. It helps you to significantly reduce production waste and increase efficiency. Fully integrated in KAMCOS2 and easy to setup.


As our latest development, we have introduced our innovative transmitted light-set up solution. 

Introducing the new "ICS transmitted light setup"


Introducing a new camera setup “ICS transmitted light setup” (Camera above fabric, illumination
above or below fabric – selectable). In this setup, the camera is (still) mounted above the fabric, but now the operator can choose between illumination above the fabric (as before, our standard setup, “ICS top”) or below the fabric

The “ICS transmitted light setup” extends the application of the “ICS top” setup for thick fabrics like
flag fabrics or light velour, while using the illumination below fabric. It significantly improves the
performance for thick fabrics for the “ICS top” setup. The “ICS transmitted light setup” is optional
and is ready to retrofit.

The right set-up for your production 


The ICS is available in different light setups, each optimized to enable best performance for specific fabrics.

General benefits of the Integrated Camera System 


  • Monitor a wide range of fabrics

  • Reduced production waste & increased efficiency

  • Reliable fabric defect detection 

  • Easy to set up (assistant systems & pre-settings for common fabrics)

  • Fully integrated in KAMCOS2

  • Quality of fabric improved 

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