Optimize your shop floor!


Increasing operational efficiency

As part of the Connectivity Package, we offer a dashboard for control & access to status information of your connected machines, to keep an overview and monitor the whole production.

To keep a transparent overview of your production, the Dashboard offers the following features: 

  • Machine overview
  • Detail view
  • Mobile version 
  • Stop reasons
  • Historical data insights up to 3 months
  • Sort function 


  • Faster identifying and solving of machine events
  • Improved shift coordination and handover 
  • Optimized machine utilization
  • Fewer control rounds on suspicion 


Explore the great advantages of the Dashboard for your business: 

  • Optmized Planning 

    The dashboard allows for optimized planning of up and downstream processes 

  • Reduced Stoppages 

    No interruption during material flow 

  • Improved Communication

    Less manual processes required 


  • Increased Operational Efficiency

    Increased reliability of delivery through fewer employees on the shop floor, less stoppages, higher machine utilisation and therefore, faster completion of orders
  • Optimized Workflows 

    Identify planned machine stoppages earlier, and therefore increase your output per machine 

  • Reduced Need for Control 

    Fewer control rounds neccessary