Create your e-textile with TEXTILE-CIRCUIT!

TEXTILE-CIRCUIT is your opportunity of integrating functionality into your textile product. 

With our technology we provide the possibility to use tailored fiber placement of functional yarns directly in the textile production process. Warp knitted products are used in a wide range of applications such as active & sportswear, lingerie, outdoor, automotive and agricultural fabrics.
Use the opportunity to functionalize all those products!

Find out more by looking at our innovative products below.

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Smart Shirt

This shirt features three different sensor systems that are fully textile and have been integrated in the fabric during its production. For the different sensors we used 5 conductive materials that are all integrated as threads.
With the shirt we can measure heart rate, temperature and humidity of the wearer.

If you want to know more about the fabrication of our Prototype don't forget to watch our making of in the media gallery on the right.

Textile control panel

This textile remote control is done on a Multibar-machine of KARL MAYER. The conductive threads form bottons that send a signal to the robot while being touched.
The functions can be integrated to different ground structures that might be rigid or elastic.

These control panels can be used for different applications. Take a look at the different prototypes we already realized.

Inductive charging

This textile structure can be used for inductive charging. The spool consists of 16 windings and measures 5cm (2”). It is made on a Multibar-machine. The windings are formed by isolated copper wires that are directly applied during the production process. The ground structure can be modified for variation in its flexibility.


All our TEXTILE-CIRCUIT products are based on the warp knitting technology by KARL MAYER. With our technology we are able to create products with various textile characteristics. During the production process we can use our Stringbar technology to form functional structures. These can be shaped the way the application requires it. The structures consist of an additional yarn system that is integrated in the ground fabric. With tailored fiber placement we can add function exactly where it is needed. This way you can add different materials like insulated and non-insulated conductive threads at the same time.

  • Producing textiles and integrating function directly in one step
  • Tailored fiber placement of functional material
  • Keeping the textile characteristics
  • Fast, well established textile production process
  • Various textile structures can be formed

Look at our warp knitted textiles in our Virtual Showroom

Find out more about Stringbar Machines

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