About us

Textile Makerspace is a platform for technologies out of the textile production. Here we are presenting the latest innovations from KARL MAYER. With these solutions we target new applications, that are outside of the traditional textile machinery business.

We are working on topics like

  • Wearables
  • Smart or Intelligent textiles
  • Interactive textiles
  • Additive manufacturing
  • 3D- printing or coating
  • New textile surface
  • New textile production

Textile Makerspace stands for open minded thinking, creating new ideas and let them become reality. What is your topic? Get in touch with us and create innovation together.

KARL MAYER is your partner for technical solutions.

Where we come from

We are part of KARL MAYER, the World Market leader with innovative solutions for warp knitting, technical textiles, warp preparation, flat knitting and digital solutions. We have locations worldwide with R&D facilities in Japan, PR China and in our Headquarter in Obertshausen, Germany.

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Our Topics

Textile-Circuit is our way of targeting electronic textiles. Here we are integrating functional areas like sensors, conductors and coils into the textile surface directly during the textile production process. This way we can create interactive structures with reduced production steps and still keep the textile characteristics like flexibility and softness of the product.

Rapid-Textile will combine the flexibility of the additive manufacturing and the productivity of the textile industry, both together will create a tool for mass customization. To bring these industries together we are creating space for makers, organize workshops and will present solutions for application 

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