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Textile-Circuit from KARL MAYER – established warp knitting technology produces highly innovative E-textiles.

Textiles can be used for heating, cooling and lighting. They can measure the heart rate, as well as monitor soil erosion on slopes, and can even be launched into space for use as space reflectors – as long as they are electrically conductive.

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The electrical conductivity of warp-knitted textiles is the subject of extensive development work at KARL MAYER. In this project, entitled “Textile-Circuit”, multibar raschel machines are used to incorporate conductive yarns directly into the textile during manufacture. The first results are now available and show what can be achieved, including the use of textiles for remote control. The original control tool and its production principles were both successfully shown at the IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara and at the Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference, both of which were held in November 2018. 

At IDTechEx Show in Santa Clara, California, we had the opportunity to show our samples in the heart of the Silicon Valley. 

On two days we were able to talk to a lot of interested visitors fron different industry branches. In the middle of electric vehicles, IOT applications and innovations in energy storage we could convince the visitors of the potential that lies in textiles.

Our e-textile samples were well received by the visitors. Many of them enjoyed trying the textile remote control and see the robots reacting on their actions. The inductive charging system led to several discussions of integration into common textile products like clothing.

We also had the opportunity to explain the technology to experts of the electronic industry.

Sophia Krinner was talking about the current possibilities for e-textiles, the challenges in the market and the potential lying in warp knitting technology.

The talk was well accepted and led to a lot of interesting conversations.


Watch the complete talk here soon.

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