How do textile
fibers stop heavy


Innovative Protection

  • quick release
  • large amount of fibers

On contact with the cut-resistant textiles, the rotating tools quickly release large amounts of fibres from the material. These become entangled, which stops the tool.

Universal use

  • extremely effective
  • very light

The new security panels containing cut-resistant warp-knitted textiles are both extremely effective as well as very light. They can be used in both the domestic and commercial sectors and can be applied very easily.

What’s the mystery behind the magic fibers?

Textiles *

High performance fibers

  • various materials
  • up to 1.300 dtex

warp knitted fabric with parallel weft insertion made of high-performance fibres.

combination of synthetic high-performance fibres with high number of flaments in weft and warp direction e.g. Polyester, polypropylen or aramid.

yarn counts up to 1.300dtex

For any security area

  • quick & easy installation
  • ultra thin & light

Can be installed into almost any security product or construction.

Manufactured and precut panels according to your blueprints.

Quick and easy installation with adhesives. Ultra Thin and leight weight.

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How to manufacture this quality
of warp knitted fabrics



Working width up to 268 Inch production output up to 1500m²/h

Processing of materials e.g. Polyester, Polypropylene, Aramid, fibreglass

Which are the
fields of


Protection for example

  • Transit Vehicles
  • Strong Rooms
  • Domestic and Commercial Buildings
  • Security Doors
  • ATM´s

The new patented security panels will provide an ultra thin and effecient protection against the most common power tools.

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