From yarn to the snowboard 1/10

Raw material:

  • Fibres made from plants - flax, cotton, jute


From yarn to the snowboard 2/10

Yarn material:

  • Single yarns from a bobbin



From yarn to the snowboard 3/10

Machine technology:

  • Processing of single yarns with our COP MAX 4


From yarn to the snowboard 4/10

Producting of the textile:

  • Production of multiaxial +/-45° non-crimp fabric 

From yarn to the snowboard 5/10

Finished textile:

  • Different angles and lapping styles are possible

From yarn to the snowboard 6/10

Cutting process:

  • Cutting the pavement by means of laser cutter for the typical snowboard shape  

From yarn to the snowboard 7/10

Lamination process:

  • Preparing the textile structure with a epoxy resin system

From yarn to the snowboard 8/10

Important wood core:

  • Preparation of the wooden core with epoxy resin 


From yarn to the snowboard 9/10

Decoration Sheet:

  • Wetting the decorative sheet with epoxy resin

From yarn to the snowboard 10/10

Ready to ride:

  • Sustainability combined with great mechanical properties - natural fibre composite 

Sustainable fibre composites

High-performance lightweight construction combined with sustainability

Sustainability and CO² reduction are increasingly demanded in the composite market. Natural fibres are renewable raw materials with a positive CO² balance that degrade relatively quickly after use. Due to their low density and good mechanical properties, natural fiber composites can exhibit low shattering behavior under crash loading and good damping properties. For specific applications, they can thus be an alternative to conventional materials, such as glass or carbon fibers. KARL MAYER is flexibly positioned with its machine portfolio for processing natural fibres. The processing of yarns made of, e.B flax fibres, is just as conceivable as the processing of tapes made of natural fibres.

Explore more about our product portfolio for processing natural fibres:


KARL MAYER can deliver efficient machinery to process natural fibres.

Please find out our latest samples produced on multiaxial machines:


With our innovative machine portfolio, we are the go-to partner for the
industry. We are the drivers of technology and innovation in composites and
lightweight construction technology.

Every fibre material is different and it is important to find out the best machine configuration for the processing the material. We had done different trials with natural fibres in the last month.  

Have a look to our video introduction of processing flax fibres yarns on our COP MAX 4.

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