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Warp Preparation Operator´s Course

Course title Basic Operator’s Training

The basic warp preparation course for DS EC 2 machine is tailored to the current requirements of newcomers to warp preparation and to provide basic information as well as basic operator training on warp preparation especially on DS EC2 warping machine.

Target group

Machine operators who are new in this field.

Training requirements

no requirements

Training duration

3 days

Trainings topics:

  1. Day 1
    • Yarn package handling- Never touch the yarn while putting the bobbin in the creel
    • Path of yarn
      1. Proper way of taking the yarn through the KFD rockers from bobbin.
      2. From kfd to yarn guide plate in the creel.
      3. From yarn guide plate to eyelet board.
      4. From eyelet board to main reed at machine head.
    • Yarn types and their handling
      1. Polyester and Nylon.
      2. Monofilament and multifilament.
  2. Day 2
    • Setting tension of yarn
      1. Turning of black disk in KFD.
      2. Tension range in KFD.
      3. Tension in slippage roller.
      4. Tension adjustment in the machine head.
    • Adjustment of warp stop- slub detector range setting as per yarn count.
    • Adjustment of oiling roller- height and speed adjustment of roller as per yarn count.
  3. Day 3
    • Checking of KFD sinker during yarn breakage
      1. Orange light
      2. Green light
      3. Red light
    • Bobbin to KFD space adjustment- Proper balloon should form.
    • Parameters in the touch screen panel.


Rajbir Singh
Trainer KARL MAYER Academy India
Surat, Gujarat - India


Vishal Bhalla
Manager Academy KARL MAYER Academy India
Surat, Gujarat - India