High-performance fibre spreading and impregnation line for the production of lightweight, continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic tapes


Sophisticated combination of fiber spreading and film impregnation or coating

SIM.PLY combines a completely revised spreading module with tailored impregnation technology in a continuous, efficient processing sequence. The seamless interface guarantees a consistently high spreading quality.







Modular design

Modular machine design for flexible production of thermoplastic fibre-reinforced tapes with attractive price-performance-ratio.

Wide range of applications

SIM.PLY allows the processing of a wide variety of fibers and plastics, ranging from glass fibers and polypropylene for classic automotive applications to ultra-high-strength polyethylene fibers and films for the protective textiles market.

Field of application: Lightweight construction

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastics are important drivers of sustainable lightweight solutions. With their high quality and precise alignment of the continuous fibres, the tapes are ideal for use in highly stressed, fibre-reinforced, lightweight structures.






Lightweight material

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastics are about 40 % lighter than aluminium and up to 80 % lighter than steel. Thus, they are predestined for use in highly loaded fiber-reinforced lightweight structures.


Thermoplastic composites can be recycled due to the possibility of remelting. In the second component life, they are widely used for short fibre reinforced structural parts.

High mechanical performance

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastics offer a very good mechanical performance related to density. Especially their tensile modulus, tensile strength and energy absorption are interesting for applications in many industries such as transportation, mechanical engineering, sports or civil engineering.

Field of application: protective textiles

Thin and lightweight textile layers made of high-strength fiber material such as PEUHMW or aramid with high tear strength and energy absorption capacity are used in protective textiles as multilayer stacks. They combine high protection with wearer comfort and low weight. SIM.PLY offers precise and homogeneous fiber alignment and distribution even at the lowest basis weights thanks to its sophisticated spreading technology combined with the thinnest film coating for fiber fixation.


Lightweight material

Low area weights due to fine spreading of even high roving count and coating with very thin polymer films even without substrate carrier.

Easy further processing

Simple multilayer formation (CrossPly) by means of thermal fixation through the use of thermoplastic films and avoidance of reactive resin dispersions or solutions.

High level of protection and comfort

Precise fiber alignment and high fiber volume contents ensure optimum protection with low area weights and ply thicknesses. This also ensures a high level of wearer comfort due to low weight and drapability.




Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Tröltzsch
Vice President New Technologies KARL MAYER Technische Textilien GmbH
Mauersbergerstr. 2 09117 Chemnitz