High-performance spreading and impregnation line for the production of continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

New Technology for cost-effective fibre processing

SIM.PLY combines a completely revised spreading module with tailored impregnation technology in a continuous, efficient processing sequence. The seamless interface guarantees a consistently high spreading quality.

Modular design

Modular machine design for flexible production of thermoplastic fibre-reinforced tapes with attractive price-performance-ratio.

Short process time

Thermoplastic composites are easier to process and can have much shorter cycle times than thermoset composites, what offers significant cost benefits.

Thermoplastic tape materials – Your benefits

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastics are important drivers of sustainable lightweight solutions. With their high quality and precise alignment of the continuous fibres, the tapes are ideal for use in highly stressed, fibre-reinforced, lightweight structures.

Lightweight material

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastics are about 40 % lighter than aluminium and up to 80 % lighter than steel. Thus, they are predestined for use in highly loaded fiber-reinforced lightweight structures.


Thermoplastic composites can be recycled due to the possibility of remelting. In the second component life, they are widely used for short fibre reinforced structural parts.

High mechanical performance

Fibre-reinforced thermoplastics offer a very good mechanical performance related to density. Especially their tensile modulus, tensile strength and impact resistance are interesting for applications in many industries such as transportation, mechanical engineering, sports or civil engineering.