Double needle bar raschel machines


Introducing a new generation of Warp Knit fabric using KARL MAYER technology

Double Needle Bar Technology is opening a new chapter by offering from now on, besides the usual 3D-Spacer fabrics, also new 4D-KNIT.SOLUTIONS produced on our RDPJ 6/2 EL.

A clever bar arrangement and technical configuration combined with our established high quality KARL MAYER Piezo-Jacquard technology, enabling this innovative double needle bar machine to open up a new dimension: producing fabrics with diverse malleable patterning on both fabric sides. The 3D motives can be completely variable in shape, positioning and height. Small and flat reliefs or deep and bulky forms with cushioning are possible. Further, the design can contain freely placed holes, for even more possibilities. The openings can be used for directed air flow or lighting effects.

The well known and much valued pre-engineering of the fabric is also possible. Even complete seat covers of various shapes can be designed in one piece, just as an example of the creative freedom.

Our RDPJ 6/2 EL is part of the successful RDPJ machine group. By using our Piezo-Jacquard technology, we can shape the fabric according to our customer’s needs.

Your benefits at a glance:


4D-KNIT fabrics offer a new level of design potential. Use small and flat reliefs or deep and bulky forms with cushioning

High range of fabrics and applications

The RDPJ 6/2 EL can produce different kind of fabrics, to adapt to varying market situations: 4D-KNIT, double layer fabrics, standard spacer and jacquard patterned spacer. Suitable for various applications such as automotive, shoe fabrics, home textile, outerwear, mattress and many more.

Design Possibilities

- 3D forms and patterns at front and back side, holes, any kind of design possible
- Use of different yarns for colouring and shaping effects


- Robust and made to last fabric properties
- Over 20.000 abrasion cycle tested: no sample destruction 


Much higher productivity than other knitting technologies, with similar fabric appearance

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