Energy Monitoring

Your path to energy efficiency!

Energy Monitoring

Monitor the health and performance of your machine from anywhere at anytime

Energy monitoring to control the parameters with the ability to warn of deviations, the diagnosis of unnecessary energy consumption and the optimization of energy efficiency through corrective and preventive measures.

The Energy Monitoring Solution includes a Dashboard that allows you to get insights into your machine energy and power consumption, such as energy per day, per article, per rpm and gives you an overview of your CO2 footprint or energy costs.

Energy Monitoring enables you to: 

  • create a reliable and detailed cost calculation 
  • identify the consumed energy per unit 
  • identify machine specific energy costs 

Which you can utilise to develop an energy optimized production! 


Advantages of  Energy Monitoring 

The advantages of knowing your consumption 


  • Increased Transparency

    With the monitored data overview in the dashboard, transparency is increased to optimize production processes and costs 

  • Energy Saving 

    Energy monitoring enables energy saving and a commodity price reduction 

  • Compliance

    Fulfill the legal requirements and enjoy tax relief 


  • Efficiency

    Less energy consumption and increased energy efficiency 
  • Reduced Costs 

    Through the effective monitoring, costs can be reduced 

  • Business Image 

    Show your committment to energy reduction to the world