Webinar: Digital Knitwear Development with k.innovation CREATE

STOLL and KM.ON present a joint software development for the flat-knitting industry

The fashion and textile industry thrive on fresh, creative ideas and their quick implementation. Short design-to-market workflows enable a fast product development and can be further reduced by the possibilities of digitization. CREATE, the new design software for flat knitted goods, shows how this is done.

The joint development of STOLL and KM.ON - two successful brands of the KARL MAYER Group – offers simplified and accelerated product development. The new world of knitwear creation can be explored in webinars. The online seminars will take place on July 8th, 9:00 a.m. (CEST) and on July 14th, 3:00 p.m. (CEST). Each lasts 45 minutes and can be easily booked online. They are well suited for knitwear designers, fashion brands, knit manufacturers and universities that teach fashion and textile design.

The presentation is focused on the key features of CREATE such as: an integrated shape and grading tool, including a shape library with numerous presets, and a yarn library of digitally created yarns. In addition, an extensive stitch library, which can be used for the design development, and the virtual creation of your own stitches are offered. You will also learn more about the other functions of CREATE: the implementation of technical design checks and the testing of different color combinations using the integrated  color generator.

The output from CREATE can be used as a basis for machine programs in order to start the knitting process after a check by the technician. Additionally, it can be used for simulation in any external 3D software.

Digital design development with CREATE offers more possibilities for creativity and is more sustainable, as the number of required physical samples is reduced.

CREATE was a highlight of the KARL MAYER Group's presentation at ITMA ASIA + CITME in June 2021. There are webinars not only on the innovative design software, but also on other exhibition focal points.


Link for the current webinar offer of the KARL MAYER Group:

Link for the CREATE webinar on 8. July 2021:,GhL-oaXDH0G-BhJoJkU-BQ,B9Rqw1FAgk677tX3VGLeGQ,g8vMClO0e0SabcB_YrXqDw,vqzDLuXAnEKjprLhvRrJ6w,bYjK9te1DUO_3iIgtF7jsg?mode=read&tenantId=42b1dfc0-16fa-4955-9ed3-2ab9deec3d1e

Link for the CREATE webinar on 14. July 2021:,GhL-oaXDH0G-BhJoJkU-BQ,B9Rqw1FAgk677tX3VGLeGQ,MzLeMgIsWE6btGE7USpYng,UJ8eGuPziUWGEG6lh8HPsA,2qAHGKDpJkCBCWun7J3hrg?mode=read&tenantId=42b1dfc0-16fa-4955-9ed3-2ab9deec3d1e

More information on the software can be found on the STOLL website:

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