PRODYE-R – A large project paves the way for success

KARL MAYER ROTAL is making a name for itself with the new indigo dyeing machine and a huge project in the rope dyeing sector.

After becoming a world leader in the denim segment Fashion/Premium KARL MAYER ROTAL now also increases efficiency and reduces costs in rope dyeing within the segment Genuine/Standard.

The denim business is as lucrative as it is varied. Generally, there are three market segments: fashion/premium, genuine/standard and commodity. In the fashion denim business, producers have come to rely primarily on KARL MAYER ROTAL for their warp preparation operations. This Italian subsidiary of KARL MAYER has developed the PRODYE-S indigo dyeing machine to cater for the stylish jeans collections of well-known brand manufacturers, and has thus become a world leader. The “S” stands for Slasher dyeing, a dyeing process in which the yarn is wound onto warp beams. On the other hand, there is rope dyeing – which is normally used to produce genuine/standard denim – in which the yarn is dyed in rope form.

The success of PRODYE-S is based on its unique performance. Compared to conventional machines available on the market, this innovative slasher dyeing machine gurarantees a much lower water consumption, less waste, and deeper, brilliant indigo shades. The proportion of dyestuff out of the total yarn weight is 5.5% maximum. The production rate can also be doubled when processing lightweight denim fabrics.

KARL MAYER ROTAL’s PRODYE-R indigo dyeing machine can deliver all these benefits and can also be used in the genuine/standard segment.

The PRODYE-R increases efficiency and reduces costs in rope dyeing

The PRODYE-R indigo rope dyeing machine operates with just eight dyeing units to produce deep, pure shades with a dye application of up to 5.5% of the yarn weight. The short wet zone reduces the bath volume by up to 25%. Furthermore, when changing the ball, the warp length remaining in the machine, which is unusable, can be reduced by 20%. Overall, the machine uses less energy and water and fewer chemicals. In fact, the water consumption can be reduced by roughly 30%. The programmable cans, into which the dyed ropes are laid in a precise arrangement, also make the long chain beaming process more efficient.

Market penetration thanks to a large project

The PRODYE-R complements KARL MAYER ROTAL’s product portfolio. With the new dyeing machine, the BALL WARPER, the LONG CHAIN BEAMER and the PROSIZE®, this company is the only global manufacturer involved in the one-stop provision of highly innovative rope dyeing technology. This concept is impressive. One of the biggest companies involved in making-up denim clothing in Turkey, the Taypa Group, is cooperating with KARL MAYER ROTAL on a huge project in Algeria. A textile complex for producing textiles and apparel is to be built on an area of 250 hectares in this North African country, which will create 25,000 new jobs. The planned annual output is 60 million metres of fabric per year. In December 2013, Taypa set up a joint venture with two state-run Algerian textile companies to implement these ambitious plans. In the first stage of this project in the province of Relizane, eleven integrated factories, mainly for producing jeans and other apparel fabrics, will be set up by the spring of 2018. KARL MAYER ROTAL will supply the warp preparation technology for producing the denim (Fig.). The first large shipment left for Algeria in the middle of May 2017. 60 containers were needed to ship the PRODYE-R machines alone, of which several were ordered.

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PRODYE indigo dyeing machine

With the good known PRODYE-S for slasher dyeing and the new PRODYE-R for rope dyeing KARL MAYER ROTAL covers both segments: Fashion/Premium and Genuine/Standard.

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