LACE.EXPRESS - A safe investment

KARL MAYER has hit the mark with the OJ 59/1 B. “The OJ 59/1 B is a modern machine for a modern age,” said Roland Kunze of ERKO, KARL MAYER’s agent in Turkey, when summing up his impressions following the machine’s presentation.

With its stable speed of 900 min-1, its modern look, and working width of 210", this new lace raschel machine definitely represents an interesting alternative for his customers in the outerwear sector. And this positive feedback is shared by the Chinese market. According to Armin Alber, KARL MAYER’s Sales Director in China, his clients were particularly impressed by its exceptional productivity. “The output and investment figures are so interesting, that many manufacturers of lace for the high-volume market are buying from us,” he said. Armin Alber and his team have already sealed a number of sales contracts, and are also winning new clients among traditional Chinese warp knitting companies. In addition to the utility value, energy consumption has been cited as a reason for buying the machine. For reasons of costs and ecology, this topic is also becoming increasingly important in Asia.

According to this sales expert, lace producers in China are welcoming the rollout of a completely new machine series. “We have already had enquiries regarding models having more guide bars and fall plate facility,” he said.

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