KARL MAYER belongs to the starters of INNOVATIVE CO-WORKING, the new Brainstorming Space at Interfilière

Today, real innovations in the fashion sector are the result of a close exchange between creative minds and experts with ideas and visions. This is the reason why Interfilière offers with INNOVATIVE CO-WORKING a new platform for an individual get-together from 18. to 20. January 2020 in Paris. Here, brand strategists, staff members of start-ups and designer entrepreneurs have the possibility to start conversations with the top-level trendsetters from all fields of the textile supply chain. One of the innovative partners for an efficient brainstorming is KARL MAYER, a pioneer in textile machinery building, who increasingly also develops textile product concepts. „In the last few months, we have been focusing on the topics of Electronic Wearable, Bodymapping for Sportswear, One-Piece Creations for Lingerie and Genre-Mix, especially the combination of Lingerie and Swimwear with Athleisure. The developed styles and concepts already met with a great response at different trade fairs. In Paris, too, we are looking forward to having many interesting conversations in this respect“, reveals Gabriela Schellner, Head of Textile Technology at KARL MAYER, about the fashion topics, on which the visitors have the right to expect valuable inspirations and latest information. In particular the lingerie business provides diverse development potential due to the know-how transfer, especially from the sportswear industry with its high demands on the function of clothing.

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Gabriela Schellner, Head of Textile Technology at KARL MAYER, during an exchange of views at Interfilière 2019

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