First MULTI-MATIC® 3600 and PROWARP® models delivered to Portugal

Portugal is a country with a rich heritage in the world of textiles. With its colonial influence in Brazil and the introduction of British machinery, the country’s cotton industry flourished in the 18th century, with Lisbon at the heart of its production. At the turn of the 19th century, the Iberian nation began with the production of linen, mainly in northern cities such as Guimarães. The textile and clothing industry remains an important pillar of the Portuguese economy today, accounting for 10 % of the country’s exports, 19% of its manufacturing workforce, and 8 % of its manufacturing turnover. Today, as it was over two centuries ago, the north of the country remains the heart of its textile industry. In terms of financial return, the biggest sector of Portugal’s textiles industry is the clothes manufacturing sector, which accounts for 38 % of the industry’s turnover. The second-largest is the weaving sector, which makes 9 % of the turnover for the industry. As one might expect, this makes weaving preparation big business in Portugal. Renowned manufacturer of warp preparation systems KARL MAYER has long been established as a reliable provider of high-quality warp preparation equipment for Portuguese weaving mills. The company installed its first models in the Iberian country in the 1980s. Since 2008, KARL MAYER has been working with the regional representative, J. Baptista & Cia, Lda., and has benefited from their know-how and reputation on the market. The company started back in 1944 with sales and service activities for machines in the textile sector. The cooperation with KARL MAYER came about through its takeover of Benninger, a manufacturer for whom J. Baptista & Cia had already been working since 1957.

KARL MAYER’s innovative products help companies to make their plans for expansion and modernisation a reality. Just 2020, KARL MAYER has supplied home textiles specialist Sampedro with a sizing machine for its renovation project. J. Pereira Fernandes II, S.A., another big name in the home textiles sector, has also used KARL MAYER products to revamp its machinery fleet in recent years. The company was even the first in Portugal to acquire a MULTI-MATIC® 3600 single-end warp sampling machine. There has also been a recent market debut for a new sectional warping machine: the first PROWARP® was installed at a Portuguese customer’s site in 2020. This machine was handed over ready for operation just last autumn.

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Sectional warping machine at Sampedro

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