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STOLL Product Show China 2020

17-19 December 2020

Since July 1st KARL MAYER and STOLL, two strong brands in the stitch-forming sector are united under one roof. With an In-house show at KARL MAYER China the KARL MAYER Group will be presenting its new business unit STOLL to the Chinese market for the first time.

Date Opening time Location
17 - 19 December 2020 daily 09:30-17:00 KARL MAYER China




Flat knitting

  • Newcomer: BMS 52 ki E14 and E12
    Our new machine masters everyday Fully Fashion orders effortlessly.

    Together with this machine it is going to be presented a fully automated workflow for the production of a CUSTOMIZED BABY BIB using some knitelligence® components: STOLL-artwork®, STOLL-CPS®, STOLL-autocreate®, PPS, APM.

    Customize your own baby bib. Just print our template (format A4 with settings on real size) at home and place your baby’s hand or footprint in the square and bring it to our show.
    >> Download bib template

  • knit & wear®
    ADF 830-24 ki W - An “ALL IN ONE” machine with 24 motorized yarn carriers for innovative and individualized knit & wear® patterns
    CMS 830 ki - The perfect machine for knit & wear®-Basics now in a new gauge E10.2

  • Automation with knitrobotic®
    ADF 530-32 ki BcW - High-tech and multifunctional ADF machine with a knitrobotic®-kit, that enables a fully automated insertion of pieces and materials during the knitting process.

  • New pattern design software
    Stoll-CPS® (Connective Pattern Software) with many new features that dramatically reduce your time to market


    Stoll’s new Trend Collection, FASTER FROM (CONCEPT) TO (STORE), is  driven by the motto of STOLL’s Fashion & Technology department: “Design to Inspire”.

    Discover how to easily redesign STOLL samples from patternshop.stoll.com to create completely new pieces. Take advantage of the faster, easier design and development process. And learn how to reduce production times significantly.


Warp knitting

    Tricot machine with weft insertion for a wide range of fashionable patterning home textiles and apparel applications


  • KM.ON
    Innovative software products and modern, digital solutions

further attraction

  • Factory Tours and Workshops


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