Integrate to Innovate!

The combination of KARL MAYER’s high-tech raschel machines and the software tools of KM.ON set you up for success in our digitized world. First representative is the RSJ 4/1 ON machine with the working width 195 inches.

Fabric development and production need to be perfectly integrated in the textile production value chain. This integration will ensure the time to market and efficiency, required to be competitive in today’s demanding markets.

To meet these innovation challenges, KARL MAYER provides you with the best in class machinery and the best integrated digital solutions.




RSJ fabrics with integrated structure variations – pre-engineered fabrics – have been successfully launched to the outdoor market. Production of pre-engineered fabrics will be perfectly supported by the RSJ 4/1 ON and the integrated digital solutions of KM.ON. Support of the textile development processes is our key to success of our customers. Following find inspirations and textile benefits of pre-engineered fabrics, more detailed information in our Virtual Showroom.

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Your Benefits Of Engineered Fabrics

Less process steps
Warp knitted fabrics, incorporating complex patterns and zones require less pieces to make an article, leading to less cut and sew, reducing production cost.
Fast development
With less components in an end-product, lead time of design changes will be reduced significantly.

Design freedom
Fashion changes can be translated quickly into new fabric designs. Personalized articles or size variations are imaginable.


Raschel Maschine by KARL MAYER


RSJ 4/1 ON 195”
The machine is creating 50% more production thanks to the working width 195” while operating at the same production speed as the former model.

Electronic controlled guide bars offer various customer benefits which were reserved for higher value machines before. Electronic guide bar control offers the possibility of producing complex and variable ground structures with long repeats. Pattern data will be provided in the digitized way through KM.ON’s k.ey device.

The RSJ 4/1 ON has got the highest level of integration-maturity for the numerous digital solutions provided by KM.ON to support the progress of the textile value chain.

RSJ fabrics can be applied to a wide range of applications. Beside the mentioned purpose of outerwear, 4-bar RSJ fabrics are well established for swimwear, intimate apparel, lace-like fabrics, spot-nets and tulle constructions.


Increase outputratio of your investment
Earn 37% more output for the same investment compared to former model.
Increase flexibility
Electronically controlled ground guide bars enable immediate changes of ground bar lappings for development work and for regular production.
Pattern Data ON Demand
Pattern data will be provided to the machine through k.ey device for highest flexibility and efficiency in production and development.
Integrate to innovate
The RSJ4/1 ON is the first machine of the KARL MAYER group using the full capabilities of k.innovation to support virtual textile development.

Digital Solutions by KM.ON


KM.ON’s k.innovation is revolutionizing the product development process in the knitting industry. In the fast-fashion world, innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Our k.innovation solutions support the customers in developing new products and sharing know-how as well as experience.


Using k.production’s state-of-the-art software and digital solutions, the operation of the KARL MAYER machines will be simplified. Sub-processes are digitally supported and improved. An intuitive and mobile logbook and production data acquisition system will be set up, in which tickets can also be created from entries. Thus, "data tags" for the sensor data are generated immediately. enables you to look at the current production process, regardless of location and in real time. The production data are displayed clearly on a dashboard. This simple way of delivering information improves process transparency and acts as a valid database for decision-making and planning. These advantages are based on KARL MAYER’s own system of machine networking.






Learn more about the KM.ON solutions


KARL MAYER is offering a  wide range of RSJ machines with various functions and possibilities. Please use the tables below to find the suitable product for your future success.

Target application RSJ 4/1 ON RSJ 5/1 EL RSJ 5/1 RSJ 4/1
Sport (non elastic) ++ + + +
Outdoor (non elastic) ++ + + +
Outdoor (elastic) ++ + + +
Intimate (ealstic) ++ + + +
Freecut Intimate (elastic) o ++ ++ o
Functional (elastic) ++ ++ + +
Functional zones (elastic) o ++ o o
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Machine specification RSJ 4/1 ON RSJ 5/1 EL RSJ 5/1 RSJ 4/1
Working width 195 inches 130 inches 130 inches 130 inches
Gauge E28 E28, 32 E28, 32 E28, 32
EL for JBs and GBs - -
EL long shog 170mm 2 GBs - - -
connectivity KM.ON
k.innovation - - -
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Jan Hippich
Senior Manager Product Portfolio KARL MAYER R&D GmbH
Bruehlstrasse 25 63179 Obertshausen