Sustainability and energy efficiency

As a globally oriented family-run company, KARL MAYER takes its responsibility for future generations particularly seriously – also in markets with growing population. Sustainability is not only an important strategic issue for KARL MAYER, but we actively implement it in different specific projects.


  • APPEALING GREEN – production of warp-knitted textiles with less energy

    One of KARL MAYER’s major objectives is to reduce the increase in energy consumption per produced article by means of suitable measures.

    As textile machinery manufacturer, our main markets are newly industrializing countries where the topic of sustainability is usually behind economic aspects. Because of poorer infrastructure, energy production in newly industrializing countries considerably affects the global CO2 balance. This is the reason why KARL MAYER also focused on the topic of energy efficiency during the further development of its textile machines. Innovations in textile machines should make the production of textiles more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

    In order to ensure that these measures find customer acceptance and are also environmentally effective, they should not have any negative effect on the production output and on the manufacturing costs. In other words: for the operator of a textile machine it is of utmost importance that sustainable action does not have any negative economic effects, and it should be presentable.

  • LEO = Low Energy Option

    The Low Energy Option (LEO) is KARL MAYER’s new energy-efficient technology. Based on a well coordinated interaction of drive technology, oil viscosity, thermostable machine components and operating temperature, this innovation results in the reduction of energy consumption.

    The development of LEO is based on KARL MAYER’s experience with the „Eco“ option of the Copcentra series, and on KARL MAYER’s expertise in energy efficiency. LEO will feature as standard on all the HKS machines scheduled for delivery from 1. February 2016 onwards.

    The holistic view of the energy balance in the textile machine leads to reduced energy consumption by avoiding waste. This innovative technology gives the textile industry the chance to save energy, while keeping the machine performance and the manufacturing costs constant, and to support the environmental protection.

  • Energy savings and environment

    The energy saving potential is of utmost importance because KARL MAYER’s machines are mainly delivered to newly industrializing countries.

    The implementation of LEO makes it possible to achieve energy savings of about 9.5-13% depending on the respective machine type. This corresponds to approx.
    1.1-1.8 kW per machine, adding up to savings of 7,500-12,000 kWh per year.

    With energy savings of 7,500-12,000 kWh per year and machine - and with currently about 100,000 machines operating worldwide - the savings add up to 1.2 billion kWh. This corresponds to 720 thousand tons of CO2 (reference value of the German Federal Environment Agency of approx. 0.6 kg/kWh CO2 emission).

    LEO is presently being used in 20% of all the machines delivered by KARL MAYER, and it will gradually be extended to almost the entire product portfolio. With assumed complete replacement of the worldwide machinery pool, it is possible to save roughly 720 thousand tons of CO2.

    By means of a price-neutral use of this technology for series production, it is intended to replace all the machines existing on the market by lower-consumption machines in the next few years.