With SwapKnit, we offer you a new, fast and flexible way to purchase lappings for your HKS 3-M ON online in order to then be able to change them at the machine directly in a few seconds only

With only a few clicks you can purchase lappings in the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS, load them onto your machine and create new or established articles.

In order to meet your individual requirements we offer you two variants:

  • SwapKnit 36

    Purchase of individual electronic lappings

  • SwapKnit 36 Flat

    Access to the KARL MAYER lapping database


Choose the version that's right for you and your company

SwapKnit 36

Your order individual lappings for each ground guide bar via the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS – similar to the already familiar principle of the pattern disk. Once purchased, they will remain available for your range of equipment in the Cloud and can be used successively on several machines.

SwapKnit 36 Flat

Purchasing a Flatrate via the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS will give you even more choice and flexibility. If you purchase a subscription, you get a selection of lappings for a period of 1 month, 3 months or 12 months. This selection can then be used on the machine as often as you like throughout the respective SwapKnit 36 Flat subscription period chosen.

The Benefits of SwapKnit 


  • High Flexibility

    Offered through our SwapKnit 36 Flat subscription

  • Fast Response to Market Requirements 

    Thanks to immediate availability of lappings and fast lapping change 


  • Reduced Stock Levels 

    There is no need to keep a range of pattern discs on stock, thanks to the virtual pattern shelf
  • Increased Efficiency

    Lapping changes without mechanical intervention equal minimum down-times and no risk of errors


 How to order lappings via the KARL MAYER WEBSHOP? 




HKS 3-M ON: Fast and flexible pattern changes with ON-Drive

From purchase to pattern change in just a few simple steps:

  1. Select SwapKnit 36 or SwapKnit 36 Flat subscription in the WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS.
  2. After the purchase process has been completed, the lappings are available on the Cloud.
  3. Connect the machine via k.ey to access the data in the Cloud. The pattern choice will then appear on the machine's operator interface to allow pattern changes.
  4. You can then use the operator interface to create an article with your lappings, and to save it together with other article data.
  5. New articles will be saved and can be loaded with the saved configuration in the future.


How to load new articles onto your machine via the KARL MAYER cloud


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