Jacquard spacer fabrics

High-level jacquard spacer fabric with flexible design possibilities using new technology of KARL MAYER

Our innovative Jacquard Technology add design values to spacer fabric and expand the potential of creativity.

KARL MAYER`s successfull Jacquard spacer technology is optimized for broad range of applications in worldwide markets. Taking an advantage of this technology, design possibilities expand the limit of spacer fabric. Any sized mesh structures can be freely arranged in desired positions and manifold patterns by jacquard technology are created on the fabric surface.

In order to adapt the demands of markets, jacquard patterning technology expands the possibilities of spacer fabrics and achieves high level products. These technical growth contribute to promote jacquard spacer fabrics to the textile industry.



Potential of Double Needle Bar Jacquard fabrics

Shoe industry is the biggest driver of the Jacquard spacer fabric market, due to its high comfort, light weight and breathability, and increasing demand for engineered mesh. By further technology of Jacqurad spacer, such is clear two color double layer, counter lapping technology (RDJ 6/1 EN) make market field also for outerwear, mattress and automotive fabric.

  • Shoe fabric

  • Outerwear

  • Mattress

Advantage of Jacquard Spacer Technology

  • Wide design possibilities with flexible mesh design
  • Formed fabric by Jacquard movement
  • Two colored effect with Jacqaurd technology, using colored yarn
  • Counter lapping technology by RDJ 6/1 EN
  • Clear hole / Counter lapping 

  • Clear two colored effect / Double layer

Comparison of Jacquard spacer

RDJ 5/1

  • Covered 80% of Jacqaurd spacer shoe fabric
  • Highly efficent production speed
  • Optimized price performance

RDJ 6/1 EN

  • More flexible pattern by additional guide bar
  • Easier and faster optimization of fabric quality and patterning possibility by EN drive
  • Counter lapping possible


  • Most flexible Jaquard spacer machine with 6 guide bars and 1 Jacquard bar
  • Wide range of Jacquard spacer patterning possibility
  • Counter lapping possible
Your benefits at a glance

   3D Structure
   3D spacer with placement of holes for breathability or additional
   design effects

  Design Possibilities
  Wide range of possibilities:
  Mesh effect, design possibility, colored effect, double layer, counter lapping

Much higher produtivity than other knitting technologies and with more flexible hole design

Wide range of applications
Shoe, outerwear, car seat, backpack, bra cup, mattress

Jacquard spacer: Machine overview

Jacquard spacer RDJ 5/1 RDJ 6/1 EN RDJP 7/1 (EL)
Working width 138" 138" 138"
Gauge E22, E24 E22, E24 E18, E24, E28
Trick Plate distance 2 - 8mm 2 - 8mm 2 - 8mm
Number of Pile bars 2 3 4
Pattern drive N EN N, EL
Warp beam support 5 x 32" 7 x 32" 7 x 32"
Counterlapping No Yes No
Multispeed No Optional Standard
(Single speed)
(Single speed)
(Single speed)
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Video RDJ 5/1 - Electrify your mind with manifold Jacquard-design possibilities