Your right choice if you are moving in a commodity segment for apparel, shirting or furnishing market and to run your factory at very low costs and highest productivity.


Produce Better Warps, Reduce Your Costs and Strengthen Your Position in the Apparel, Shirting and Furnishing Market

Fashion is getting faster and cheaper. Customers are looking for ways to produce textiles affordably at the best quality. To address this market KARL MAYER specifically developed the ISOWARP for these requirements. The ISOWARP processes spun yarns and filament yarns and is particularly suitable for standard applications in the fields of apparel fabrics and home textiles. It is able to produce warp beams of exceptionally high quality and thus enables significant increases productivity and efficiency in the weaving mill.

Your Benefits


  • Highest performance for all kind of staple fibre and filament applications

  • Integrated yarn tension control and automatic section alignment grant uniform section build-up

  • Evener roller combined with reversed drum rotation guarantees equal section circumference

25 years of sectional warping expertise

Our technology has been refined over the last two and a half decades. For example, there are close to 150 machines of a single model, the ERGOTEC, running successfully in India. All this knowledge and experience is integrated into ISOWARP to give you an optimal price-value ratio. 

Engineered in Germany and produced close to the markets for you in our production facilities in China and India.



Full Support from KARL MAYER India demo center in Ahmedabad.

Only with the right knowledge and understanding of the warp preparation process will your staff be able to outperform your competitors. On top of onsite training, our academy enables you to send your staff for hands on training on the machine and focused education for a very deep understanding of the machine.

Production time matters. KARL MAYER worldwide service organizations ensure highest and fastest availability of spare parts and service technicians.

Full support from R&D to finished sample. KARL MAYER has installed a fully equipped ISOWARP demo center in Ahmedabad factory. This will help you test our products and decide which ones you want to make in full production. You will also have full access to our specialists.


Invest into the best equipment and get the best output from it.

The moment you invest into the ISOWARP, KARL MAYER will guide you through all necessary know-how and training, in order to ensure your success. This in-depth training will guarantee your staff to get off to a productive start with your ISOWARP and set you up for long term success.

  • Customizable onsite training
  • Additional training and test-center in Ahmedabad
  • Teleservice for every machine

Webshop and Spare Parts emergency stock

When investing in an ISOWARP, you are investing into the machine with the longest life time in the market. For you to produce efficiently and productively, we ensure availability and fast delivery of spare parts, to encourage your competitivity in the market and meet your customer demands.

Virtual order, real benefit – easy ordering of selected spare parts with just one mouse click. KARL MAYER‘s B2B platform WEBSHOP SPARE PARTS ensures an easy and rapid access to wearing parts and to standard spare parts.

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What customers have to say about ISOWARP: 


Sectional warper ISOWARP from KARL MAYER India delights Rajapalayam Mills 

The Rajapalayam Mills Ltd, Rajapalayam, is the textile arm of the diversified Ramco Group and includes spinning mills with a total capacity of about 3,60,000 spindles and about 14,000 OE rotors. They manufacture top quality compact yarns.  Recently the Ramco Group also commissioned a plant for yarn dyed shirting fabric manufacturing. This brand-new factory is equipped with 122 looms, weaving preparatory equipment and yarn dyeing machines. Ramco uses only high-tech machines to produce high-end products. KARL MAYER is the sole supplier of weaving preparation equipment for their complete weaving production lines. 

Rajapalayam Mills installed two ISOWARP sectional warping machines recently and Mr Mohanarengan, Chief Operating Officer of Rajapalayam Mills, was in all praise for the excellent performance of ISOWARP.    

 “We are the first one to install the ISOWARP sectional warping machines manufactured by KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India Private Limited, Ahmedabad, India. We have installed two ISOWARP machines with double creels. These machines are working at highest production and produce high quality warp beams, enabling the successful performance of our weaving machines”, said Mr Mohanarengan.  

“Since the commissioning of these machines, we are producing the best warp beams for almost all types of yarns, including the finest shirting, with minimum wastage of expensive, high-quality yarn. The machines are maintenance-free and require very few spare parts. The KARL MAYER ISOWARP made in India is real value for money and is on par with the machines made in Germany.  We will continue to buy from KARL MAYER, India, for our future needs. We are proud to have contributed to KARL MAYER’s Make in India efforts”, he continued.  

Mr Mohanarengan further added, “We also appreciate that A.T.E. and KARL MAYER teams have guided and supported us in selecting the right machine configuration and in the smooth running of our green-field project. 

Morarjee Mills impressed with KARL MAYER technology 

Morarjee Mills, Nagpur, India, focusses on premium niche products with its two divisions: premium yarn dyed shirting and fashion fabric. They produce approximately 25.4 million metres of premium and high-quality fabrics per annum with complete production of all yarns in-house. They have a high profile list of clients that includes domestic and international brands across 44 countries. 

The mills have installed many warp preparation machines from KARL MAYER that include one KARL MAYER ISOWARP sectional warper.  The feedback from Mr Subrato Mukherjee, Plant Head, about the performance of ISOWARP was just what the KARL MAYER and A.T.E. teams have aspired to.   

“We are very satisfied with the KARL MAYER ISOWARP sectional warper installed in our mills. We have been processing all types of shirting yarns – from medium to superfine cotton yarn varieties – and it produces high quality beams with almost no defects or wastage of material.  We also find that ISOWARP’s maintenance cost is minimal compared to other machines installed in our mills.” 

“We are glad to note that we will now get German technology made in India by KARL MAYER India.  A.T.E. and KARL MAYER are our supplier of choice for all our future warp preparation requirements. We are also happy with the excellent support from the teams at A.T.E. and KARL MAYER Textile Machinery India” he added. 




Next to the ISOWARP, KARL MAYER offers a wide range of manufacturing production warps for weaving with colour repeats for high-quality colour-woven fabrics or grey woven articles.

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