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Review of the Virtual Trade Show: Innovate Textiles & Apparel

With KARL MAYER’s offers in the fields of warp knitting, flat knitting, technical textiles, warp preparation and digitalisation you are always one step ahead and excellently positioned, in every situation and at any time. The company presented the current highlights in October 2020, for the first time online and with the new business unit STOLL at the Virtual Trade Show: Innovate Textile & Apparel.

Warp Knitting

Launch of the HKS 3-M ON 

Our newest model of extra-wide high-performance tricot machine

The latest generation of high performance tricot machine is based on the new ON pattern drive and networking the machines via k.ey. The HKS 3-M ON thus offers the simple, fast pattern change of EL gears, while doing so at the speed of machines with N pattern drives.

Meet the new digital generation of textile machines with hybrid patterning possiblilities and highest speed:

>> 3D animation HKS 3-M ON 

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>> Information sheet [pdf]

Flat Knitting


STOLL`s new trend collection is driven by the motto “Design to Inspire”. Discover how to easily redesign STOLL samples from patternshop.stoll.com to create completely new pieces.

>> Explore more about FASTER

>> Brochure [pdf]


Flat knitting

Webinar: Creation of the trend collection "FASTER: From(CONCEPT)–To(STORE)"

Be inspired for faster prototyping! Goran Sidjimovski, Technical Designer at the Fashion & Technology Department of STOLL, explains how to easily redesign STOLL’s samples to create completely new pieces. Take advantage of the faster and easier design and development process.


Flat knitting

CPS - Because time matters

The Connective Pattern Software (CPS) from STOLL combining a fully-featured advanced programming system with an easy-to-learn user interface, CPS will greatly enhance customer’s knitting capabilities. It is perfectly integrated into upcoming digital workflows and significantly reduces time to market.

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Warp preparation

Competence in sustainable denim

With the latest GREENDYE technology added to our PRODYE-S and PRODYE-R dyeing ranges and the automatic batch changing system LINKMATIC, you obtain the most sustainable & profitable way to make denim.

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>> Brochure PRODYE-S

>> Brochure PRODYE-R

Warp preparation


Sectional warper with the latest generation technology

Suitable for processing all kinds of materials & equipped with latest quality control, measuring & communication technologies. Best warp quality achievable, thanks to our proactive warping system, a cloud/server based self-learning technology.

>> Explore more about PROWARP 

>> Brochure [pdf]

Technical Textiles


Explore the advantages of our new warp knitting machine with weft-insertion

This machine is specifically designed to produce light to mediumweight grid structures.

>> Explore more about WEFTTRONIC® II G 

>> Brochure [pdf]

Technical Textiles

Textiles in civil engineering - Benefit from rethinking.

Technical textiles conquer new fields of applications e.g. infrastructure and civil engineering, replace conventional solutions and take over the function as a reinforcing material.

>> Explore more about textiles in civil engineering 

>> Brochure [pdf]


Software solutions by KM.ON

The future is digital and the future is now: Let us take the next step together by equipping your textile machines with smart and innovative software from KM.ON by KARL MAYER. Learn more about the digital solutions k.innovation, k.management and k.production!

For more information about our software solutions please visit:


Pushing the boundaries through digitalization

As the global market leader in textile machinery, KARL MAYER has always been on the pulse of time. By letting digitalization entering your business, we are supporting you in manufacturing ecologically and economically.

Explore more about digitalization and how KM.ON by KARL MAYER can support you!