Indigo dyeing in a nitrogen atmosphere

BLUEDYE will transform the way denim is made. Our technology is three times more efficient and two times cleaner than a conventional indigo dyeing machine. With BLUEDYE you are going to get sustainability and profitability.

Your Benefits

  • High dyeing efficiency – the nitrogen technology increases the pick-up in the dye vat by three times. This drastically reduces the length and the number of vats required.


    Reduction in chemical and yarn waste – more than 60% saving in the consumption of hydrosulphite and caustic soda. A reduction of yarn waste because of the low number of dyeing vats.

  • Water saving – less water (about 50%) is needed in the final washing due to the improved dye fixation.


Water footprint of BLUEDYE in the textile supply chain


Extremely low Operating Expense

Compared to a conventional machine the BLUEDYE is only two thirds of its length. Requiring less space, less operators and less spare parts with the same output. The amount of chemicals and water used in the daily business is HALF of a traditional indigo dyeing machine.

Nitrogen Technology - How it Works

  • The problem with the conventional method is timing. The time between dipping and skying is too short for diffusion and fixation of dyestuff to take place. 
  • This phase is basically absent in the traditional method.
  • With the nitrogen technology the oxidation is temporarily prevented. In the NOX chamber the dyestuff has enough time to diffuse and fixate on the yarn. 
  • This way the BLUEDYE  can pick up 3 times more dye with even higher indigo concentration.

Process of nitrogen technology compared to conventional technology

Accessible by design

Our machine is designed to be used by everyone. The BLUEDYE comes with powerful assistive Human-Machine-Interface, which helps operators manage the denim production with minimal touch and easy navigation. The window in the NOX chamber is designed to facilitate easy operator handling and accessibility inside the machine.

Full Support from R&D to Finished Sample

We have installed a built to scale pilot machine and a fully equipped laboratory to support you with woven and finished denim samples that you can use to show your customers. The pilot machine is approx. 13 meters long and will reproduce exactly on a scale 1:10 the industrial process by producing samples 200 mm wide.

You will be able to show different samples of BLUEDYE produced fabrics to your customer. This will help you test the market and decide which products to make in full production. We provide you with all the details for machine adjustment so that you can produce the fabric your customer wants.

With BLUEDYE we offer fully integrated support for the whole technology from R&D to finished samples.

Expert Training at our Academy

The knowledge about the right dipping, squeezing, diffusion in nitrogen and oxidation is a key factor for your success in the market. Our denim academy enables you to send your staff for hands on training on the machine and focused education for a very deep understanding of the new technology. All free of charge. Only with the right knowledge and a deep understanding of the sustainable denim technology will you be able to outperform your competitors. We strongly believe that sustainable denim is the future way to produce denim. At our Denim Academy you can learn how to use this technology to your advantage.

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