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High-tech knitting machine with several weft insertion systems for the production of multiaxial multiply and composite fabrics

Multiaxial multiply fabrics are surface structures fixed via a stitch system consisting of one or several parallel and stretched yarn layers with different orientations. Fibrous webs, unbonded chopped glass strands, film tapes, foams or other materials can be integrated. Optimal conditions of weft insertion and layer fixation permit high production speeds along with excellent fabric uniformity. 





Composites and multiply fabrics of heavy-duty yarn materials such as e.g.: fibreglass, carbon, aramid or HD-PE to manufacture fibrous/plastic composites.

  • Shipbuilding: 
    sailor yachts, fast patrol boats,
    passenger ships, lifeboats
  • Power engineering
    rotor blades for wind power plants, 
    wind channel blowers
  • Sports and leisure time: 
    tennis rackets, skis, snowboards,
    surfboards, sports boats

  • Automotive industry:
    car body parts, bumpers,
    reinforcement parts, leaf and coil springs
  • Airplane construction: 
    tail plane parts, fuselage, wings,
    rotor blades, brake disks, tanks
  • Machine building: 
    fast moving parts

  • Plant engineering:
    pumping and piping systems,
    container building
  • Aerospace industry:
    antennas, parabolic reflector mirrors,
    pressure vessels, satellite structures
  • Medical sector:
    orthopedical applications, prostheses for arms and legs,
    medical appliances


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