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Make best use of multicolored fabrics

Machine: RDJ 5/1
Gauge: E 24
Article Number: 2016/132

This multicolored shoe fabric is a real eyecatcher. The double-layered structure ensures a clear delimitation between deep black and rich-colored surfaces. The colorful warp produced on the DS Opto warper makes it possible to integrate any desired number of colors into the design. In a gauge of E 24 the shoe seems as if knitted.

  • RDJ 5/1
    RDJ 5/1

    RDJ 5/1Basic double-bar raschel machine with piezo jacquard technology


    DS OPTODirect warping machine for rigid filament yarns for production from short and sample warp beams to standard block color warp beams.

    Material input:

    Filament yarns


Kay Hilbert
Senior Manager Product Portfolio KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Bruehlstrasse 25 63179 Obertshausen